The Bristol Observatory


                         We measure treatment outcomes

                                    Using existing administrative data

                                              While protecting personal privacy



The Bristol Observatory (TBO) is a contract research firm that specializes in program evaluation and service system research for government agencies and private organizations.  Using anonymous, HIPAA compliant extracts from existing administrative databases, we provide our clients with valid and reliable measures of access to care, practice patterns, and treatment outcomes which are based on caseload overlap within complex systems of care.  


Incorporated in 1997 by John A. Pandiani, Ph.D and Steven M. Banks, Ph.D., TBO encourages and supports rational, data-based decision making for program planning and policy development.  We have provided data analytical services to over 20 federal, state and private organizations using mental health, substance abuse, social welfare, child protection, education and criminal justice databases. Much of our work has involved measurement of access to care for high risk populations, such as the homeless, and the measurement of treatment outcomes for children and adults, including hospitalization, incarceration, maternity and mortality. 


TBO supports public agencies and private organizations as they seek to evaluate their performance and improve services for the vulnerable populations they serve.  Because TBO relies on the analysis of the existing data that organizations routinely collect and store, there is no need for additional data collection.  Because our primary data mining tool, Probabilistic Population Estimation (PPE), uses anonymous extracts from these existing databases, the personal privacy of individuals is protected and the confidentiality of all records is assured.